18 May 2013

exhibition with 'opening scenes' and lecture

At the moment my video installation opening scenes is part of the group exhibition strip gerelateerd, which is organized by Verkuno.
In the framework of the exhibition I will give a lecture about my work on friday the 24th of may at 20:00 (free entrance for Verkuno-members, otherwise it is 5,00€ including consumption)

exhibition from 18-05-2013 till 9-06-2013
opening hours:
thursday-sunday, 1.30-5.00 PM
Koetshuis van Havezathe Mensinge,
Mensingeweg 3, Roden, the Netherlands

6 May 2013


These are some images of my new work shadows, which I created for my solo exhibition Parallel 22. The installation consists of wall projections of shadows from different movies. Original movie scenes were edited in such a way that the impression is created that one is not seeing a videoprojection but real shadows. The installation is inconspicuous and almost invisible at first sight. Only once in a while a shadow of a mysterious man with a hat scurries around. The shadow, an important visual element of film noir, is extracted from its original movie and transferred into reality.